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Historic Renovation
We are experienced with carefully integrating historic concerns with current building code requirements.
Knights of Columbus

Historic renovation presents unique challenges and opportunities. Whether the project is a commercial, government, or residential, maintaining the historic fabric and materials is always the goal. Often, the renovation philosophy requires careful integration of historic means and methods with current building code requirements and technology.

In our present world of computer generated everything, it is rare to find a firm that maintains the ability to work on projects outside of the “status quo”. There is something about working on a projects that have, wood pegs and no nails used in the timber framing, no reinforcing used in the multi-layer masonry walls, no footings, horsehair reinforcing in plaster, pure compression elements (no connection) used in trusses spanning 50-60 feet and more, mortise and tenon joints for timber framing, and true dimensioned timber that was rough cut hundreds of years ago, just to mention a few.

Dock Street Theater

Project: Historic Dock Street Theater, Charleston, SC

Description: Renovation of a historic multi-story unreinforced masonry structure. Temporary shoring on the historic, brownstone façade shown.

161 King

Project: Renovation of 161 King Street, Charleston, SC

Description: Historic renovation of a 2 story unreinforced masonry historic structure in a seismically active area.

Sullivan's Island

Project: Renovation of the historic Sullivan’s Island, SC Coast Guard House

Description: Renovation of a 1 story wood framed structure that is founded on a dock structure.

Knight of Columbus

Project: Renovation of the Knights of Columbus Building, Charleston, SC

Description: Structural evaluation/investigation of unreinforced masonry 2 story building, and repair of floor system and wall lintels.

14 Greenway

Project: 14 Greenway, Charleston, SC

Description: Renovation of the foundation and significant porches of this historic 3 story wood framed structure used as a dormitory.